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Badlanders is one of the most popular shooter survival games in the world of mobile and tablet games. It is played and enjoyed by several casual to high end gamers. But as we all know, it is banned by some countries. Hence, it is time to search for some of the best alternatives to this game. Below is the list of best such alternatives handpicked for all of you:

Left to Live: State of the Dead

One of the top-rated badlands alternate options, you only have two options here, either shoot and kill or get killed. Let us have a look at some of the salient attributes of this game:

  • It is an action packed zombie shooter.
  • In this virtual game, species of zombies have taken over the earth and are about to wipe out all mankind, you are the last hope, don’t let your fellows down.
  • It boasts of amazing storyline and you have to play each mission with sharp strategy and become the ultimate hero of your planet.
  • Sniper rifles, assault rifles, machine guns, etc. are some of the weapons that will help you devastate your rivals.
  • You can challenge some of the best real-time online players from all over the world in this game.
  • The graphics, audio quality, overall gameplay, etc. are simply stunning.
  • The size of this game is around 99MB.
  • This game is free to download and play.
  • In-app purchases range from 80 to 9000 rupees.

Android | iOS

Zombie Gunship Helicopter Survival – Action Shooting Game

One of the best alternative to Badlanders is here, you are a brave soldier in this game and you have to save your good old blue planet from the zombie invasion. Let’s highlight some of the useful features of this game:

  • You can choose from a wide range of deadly weapons.
  • You have to save your human companions from zombie invasions and provide them with an adequate supply of water and food and also ensure that enough oxygen is present in the shelters for them to breathe.
  • You must shoot all the heinous zombie groups and zombie bosses before they kill you and make Earth their colony.
  • You will shoot your enemies directly from the ‘AC 130 Gunner’.
  • The graphics, especially the zombies, day and night landscapes, etc. are all amazing.
  • The audio quality and overall gameplay are also very nice.
  • The game is around 524MB.
  • This game is free to download and play.
  • In-app purchases range from 79 to 9900 rupees.

Android | iOS

Last Day on Earth: Survival

A trending and famous shooting based survival game for all of you to enjoy. It can be considered as a good alternative to Badlanders, let’s take a look at some of its useful features:

You woke up in the morning as usual, but wait, the earth is no longer the same, and everything is now on your shoulders, if you are not able to destroy the forces of evil, then this could happen. prove to be the last day for you and all mankind!

  • It contains many levels of adrenaline and you can choose from a wide range of powerful and high-end devastating weapons.
  • In this zombie survival game you have virtual friends for your help, and they are none other than loyal dogs who will support you till the end of this battle.
  • You have to strategize precisely, explore unexplored places, fly helicopters, navigate the map of the region, etc., and then act accordingly.
  • You can form a party with other players, then take on the zombies together, and so on.
  • The size of this game is around 749 MB.
  • The game is free to download and play.
  • In-app purchases range from 20 to 10600 rupees here.

Android | iOS

Dead Trigger 2: Zombie Games

One of the most popular shooting based survival games is here to blow your mind. It is one of the most played and downloaded games of all time. Let’s review some of its attributes:

  • You have to stop zombie mutations and save humanity from extinction.
  • You have to explore several countries and then kick out some of the badass zombies.
  • Zombie bosses are waiting for you at the end of missions to tear you apart unless you do the same to them first.
  • You can choose from several deadly weapons to rip the zombies apart with a single blow or piece by piece.
  • You have several people to help you, including scientists, doctors, gunsmiths, smugglers, and more.
  • The graphics are just awesome and you are sure to get hooked if you like this type of game.
  • Audio quality, overall gaming experience, etc. are simply commendable.
  • This game is free to download and play.
  • The size of this game is 540 MB.
  • In-app purchases range from 149 to 4739 rupees here.

Android | iOS

Unkilled – FPS Zombie Games

It is a good alternative towards which you can all look forward. Let’s explore some of its cool features:

  • This game is from the creators of the Dead Trigger franchise, so you need to be ready for some badass action.
  • It carries an amazing story which is packed into around 150 missions.
  • You have to eliminate all the deadly zombies and be ready to kill the boss zombies at the end of each mission and yes they are not easy to beat at all.
  • This game comes with several high end powerful weapons.
  • The main city or area of ​​your action in this game is none other than the biggest city in the world, yes it is NYC.
  • You can team up with or even challenge some of the players online in real time using the multiplayer mode.
  • This game is free to download and play.
  • The size of this game is around 432MB.
  • In-app purchases range from 99 to 4739 rupees here.

Android | iOS

Zombie Frontier 3: Sniper FPS

An exciting alternative to Badlanders is here, let us get a glimpse of some of its main qualities:

  • A deadly innovative virus has turned most humans into zombies, so you must be quick to eliminate them all before they turn all humans including you into zombies.
  • You can choose from several deadly weapons, such as sniper rifles, machine guns, assault rifles, bombs, etc.
  • You have to face individual zombies as well as a group of zombies and epic boss battles after frequent levels.
  • The graphics are quite impressive, as is the audio quality.
  • The overall storyline and gameplay will inspire you to play it more and more.
  • This game is around 100MB.
  • This game is free to download and play.
  • In-app purchases range from 90 to 9100 rupees here.

Android | iOS

Zombie Road Kill 3D

Do you want to kill some of the dangerous and ruthless zombies right from your Jeep? If yes then this is the game for you, let us dive into this game and know some of its attributes:

  • You must kill all the zombies that come your way, otherwise you will be devoured by them.
  • You have high end machine guns equipped in your vehicle so you just have to aim and kill your targets before they kill you.
  • You can upgrade your existing weapon or equip a new weapon from several options available as you progress through the game.
  • You can even drop bombs on zombies.
  • You can choose from almost ten rough and tough weapons and about five powerful vehicles.
  • The graphics are good and the general gameplay too.
  • This game is about 20MB.
  • It is free to download and play.
  • In-app purchases range from 122 to 6115 rupees here.



What do we mean by Badlanders?

It is a Mobile-based Survival and Shooting type game available on such platforms as – Android, iOS etc.

Why is it forbidden in my country?

It is banned in some countries due to the fact that it is of Chinese origin and as we all know the diplomatic issues that China is facing to be the origin of novel COVID 19.

What are examples of some of the alternatives to Badlanders?

There are many like – Dead Trigger 2, Zombie Roadkill 3D, Zombie Frontier 3, Zombie gunship survival, etc.

What is the overall best alternative here?

It varies from person to person and I hope you must have found your best alternative after going through this article.

Are all the games mentioned above free?

Yes, all the games mentioned above are free to download and play, but they have in-app purchases and I have highlighted the same for each game.

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