Step Hero Multiverse: The Play-to-earn game hub for gamers


Extraordinary is the word. So what is “ordinary”? and what is “The Extra”?

Games are products with many creative designs and features. People who are into games have the pleasure of navigating interesting scenarios turned into simulations. Different categories of game housing for different people’s tastes, fighting/shooting games, puzzles, racing, etc. It’s ‘the ordinary’, where players volunteer their time and resources and then have fun or enjoy themselves.

In a step forward, the game has added more to what it used to be, it now seeks to engage its users in innovative gameplay and reward them not just with fun. It’s “the plus”, the regulars of the games can now live from their pleasure; salable rewards in exchange for their commitment and resources. The emergence of Blockchain technology and the integration of Metaverse, Cryptocurrency and NFT have made this possible. It could be the same story and design, but a different reward unit or more. These games with an added touch of the ordinary are called Play-to-Earn games.

How to access these games could pose a challenge for most gamers. This is where Step Hero Multiverse comes in. Step Hero Multiverse organizes play-to-earn games and makes them available to players.

This multiverse; Step Hero, brings together Blockchain play-to-earn games with engaging gameplay and good earning opportunities in one collection; Hero game hub. Featured NFT games come with NFT Marketplace, NFT Farming, Summon Gate and NFT Lending (yet to launch).

The Step Hero Multiverse Ecosystem

Hero Game Hub: A hub is a convergence point or platform that connects many other products or networks. The Hero Game Hub is the NFT game library for Step Hero Multiverse. It houses a collection of NFT games in different categories, game mode and winning system. Players who freely access the Hub are holders of $HERO and $STEP tokens. They have the opportunity to experience the games curated in Step Hero Multiverse. $STEP and $HERO are the ecosystem game utility tokens and assets.

hero market: What Players Could Do in Step Hero Market includes Minting NFT, Buying and Selling NFT, Reviewing NFT Market or Reviewing History, Placing Orders and Participating in the Program membership of the ecosystem. To access or get started in the Hero Marketplace, users will need to create a Metamask Wallet with which to connect to the Step Hero network. After successful login, search Hero Marketplace to access available collectibles to choose from. The search icon helps users filter their search by most viewed, favorite, latest, or price collectibles.

Users filter their search by NFT attributes, on the Hero Marketplace there are around 16 NFT characters, 5 items and 6 NFT rarity levels. On the user’s dashboard, a gateway allows them to view their wishlist, lists, and assets. Assets are the user’s Mystery Chest, NFTs available for sale, Lists, or Hunt. NFTs marked as favorites or saved collections are the user’s wishlist. A record of users’ activities in the marketplace is their listings. The listings cover their offerings and referrals.

Affiliate program: One of the ways to earn in Step Hero Multiverse is to let others know about the platform and get them to sign up. With this, users even without playing games earn. The user earns an affiliate commission of 0.3% on transactions linked to his referral link. When a user’s referral link is used to register and the wallet is successfully connected, each transaction on Hero Marketplace earns the user a commission.

HERO Farming: Users earn rewards when they lock their tokens to farm pools. Staking is a good way to earn passively, a user can farm their token to earn $HERO, points or stake their NFT to earn a rarer NFT. HERO NFTs are staked to earn $STEP in a Bounty Hunting feature. Rewards are shared among participating users in the Bounty pool and a HERO’s Bounty Hunting ability helps their advantage win. When a HERO is locked in a Bounty Pool, they cannot be traded in the Hero Market or join Step Hero RPG.

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Summoning Portal: Through the platform’s summoning gate, users summon new NFTs, just like in the ancient summoning ritual. On Step Hero Multiverse, new NFTs are created by combining a number of heroes called Master Heroes. Hero masters are 2 HERO NFT and gas is paid in $STEP and $HERO tokens. Each master hero has 10 limited participation in the summoning ritual. The 2 Heroes to be combined must not have a Descendant and master relationship or not have the same master.

The newly created NFT is called an apprentice hero and grows/qualifies to become a true hero after training; the rarer the apprentice hero, the longer the training. The higher the rarity of the two Master Heroes combined to summon the Apprentice Hero, the higher the rarity level of the Apprentice Hero. After a successful invocation, all information about the apprentice hero is only known 12 hours after the ritual. Information includes rarity, class, bounty hunting ability, and character.


$STEP is the ticker for Step Hero Soul, has an indefinite total supply, a listing price of $0.05 to $1STEP, and is listed on Exchange of pancakes September 22, 2021. $STEP is used for Ritual Gas Summon fees, in-game transactions on the Step Hero Multiverse, purchase of in-game items, rank upgrades, and chest openings. Users earn $STEP when winning battles or completing tasks and when wagering NFTs on bounty pools.

$HERO is the ticker for HERO Token, has a total supply of 100,000,000 HERO and is primarily used in HERO Farming where earned points are used in NFT redemption. The 100,000,000 HEROES will be awarded or divided into different categories. Private Sales, Game Incentives, Marketing, and Liquidity have higher allocations than others.

Step Hero Multiverse Growth Plan

Source: Stephero

The Step Hero Multiverse growth plan is designed into their roadmap. From launch; through Q2 2021, they have plans to complete to improve platform growth and drive engagement.

With a core team of 5, Step Hero Multiverse built its studio in early 2021. The platform’s advisors, as stated in the Step Hero Multiverse whitepaper, are high-level experts in advising on Blockchain projects .


Different creations go into play-to-earn game design. With the many projects launched, the market is competitive and drives massive adoption. Step Hero Multiverse is a game hub for play-to-earn games, brings together different Blockchain games and makes them easily accessible to gamers.

As with any other project, users should do their research and make sure they are happy with the game mechanics, tokenomics, and game model to earn from the platform before embarking on the project.

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