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The Murdered by Midnight board game can now be enjoyed anywhere on the go. Play with friends or anyone in the world. Be the first to deduce the murderer, murder weapon, motive and time of death to solve the murder and win the game!

The story takes place in the 1920s in a fabulous Art Deco mansion, Briarwood Manor. The owners have brought together six world-renowned detectives and several of their friends and family to throw a ‘Murder Party’, where they will stage a mock murder that the detectives will have to solve for entertainment … as it was. fashionable in the 1920s.

Unfortunately, things get too real when someone commits a murder before the party starts. Can you follow the clues and bring the culprits to justice before the time runs out?


HIGHLY REPLAYABLE – Not including detectives, there are 25 people at the mansion at the time of the murder, this includes staff, family and friends. Considering that the person who found the body was not the murderer, there are 22 possible suspects for the crime. With all the combinations of people, weapons, patterns and times, there are over 483,000 possible outcomes just waiting to be explored!

EASY TO PLAY, HARD TO MASTER – During a turn, each player can: move to a new location, search for weapons, dust off fingerprints, perform forensic analysis or ask a witness what they have seen or who he suspects. Using these clues, the player can deduce the murderer, murder weapon, motive, and time of death.

SINGLE & MULTIPLAYER – Play alone or with friends and family in Game Center. Take part in an open match to play with anyone in the world! Multiple matches can be open at any time.

ACHIEVEMENTS AND DASHBOARD – Multiplayer games feature a number of achievements that can be earned to keep the game exciting and fun. Compare your earnings with your friends and family on the main dashboard.

RICH AND IMMERSIVE ENVIRONMENTS – Murdered by Midnight features stunning period-specific graphics and fonts designed to invoke the Art Deco feel and draw the player into the in-game environment.

INTERESTING CHARACTERS – Each non-player character includes a unique portrait and mini-bio to help tell the story and make the player feel like they’re watching their own detective story.

MULTIPLE RESPONSES – Murdered by Midnight offers multiple responses for each character depending on the current storyline. It provides a rich, immersive story that helps you practice the game and keeps things from getting boring and repetitive.

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