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Download game Little Singham: As you know, the police are responsible for enforcing the law and also keeping the peace to protect our lives. Every day we face many problems such as social evils or dangerous crimes. The police will be the ones to deal with all these problems and risky things.

It is not easy to complete the tasks. By playing Little Singham game you will know how hard it is. In the game Little Singham, you play as a cop called Singham and you have to protect the town from evil.

History of the Little Singham game

The story of Little Singham is about the pursuit of a criminal Shaitan Shambala. Shaitan Shambala escaped from prison with the help of his accomplices. Shambala is known to be a dangerous criminal who practices black magic. He spends a lot of money and steals their property by killing people. He escaped from prison and brought a dark conspiracy.

Now you have to hunt him down and put him in jail, preventing bad things from happening. Little Singham is good at racing and the gameplay resembles that of Subway Surfers. Players who are perfect for playing Subway Surfers. They can easily complete the tasks in this game. You can catch traffic signs, cars moving in your direction or even Shambala goons. Remember that the initial obstacles are always easy to dodge. At a certain point, it is difficult to dodge the obstacles. You will get items such as bulletproof armor, invisibility cloak, missiles, skateboards, etc.

  1. EXPLORE vibrant cities, towns and countries.
  2. DODGE, JUMP, JUMP and SLIDE through obstacles
  3. Avoid trains, buses and more
  4. Collect COINS, collect REWARDS and complete MISSIONS
  5. Use bikes and cars for HEADSTART and MEGA-HEADSTART
  6. Get free races with HOVER BOARDS, Bayblades with special power-ups.
  7. Win BOSS FIGHTS with Kaal using the special PANJA ATTACK
  8. Free spins and win lucky rewards with SPINNING WHEEL
  9. Accept the DAILY CHALLENGE to earn extra rewards
  10. Defeat your friends using exciting power-ups.

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