How much does it cost to develop mobile game apps?



If you are a video game company, the first thing that comes to mind is to create a mobile application. However, before starting the development of an application, it is important to know what factors contribute to pricing. You should also check how long it will take to develop an app.

There are different mobile apps such as social media apps, business apps, games, and entertainment apps. The cost of developing the game application is charged according to the features of the game. It can be 3D or 2D graphics, multiplayer support, number of levels, etc.

It is also important to know that there are two types of games. The first is that the user downloads to their devices. The second is where they play through a browser (web-based). Depending on the type of game, its features and the target audience, game development costs vary. These factors ultimately help determine the final price. This article will discuss the difference a mobile app makes, the fees, and the factors to consider before developing a mobile app.

Does the mobile application platform make a difference?

One of the biggest decisions in app development is which mobile platform to choose. Android and iOS are the two most popular mobile platforms. If you are targeting a global audience, developing an app for Android and iOS can be a good decision. However, if your app is only for a specific country or region, you might want to focus on one platform.

Mobile Game Developer Pricing:

Mobile game developers charge based on their experience, type of project, and number of hours spent on your project. Developing an app for a simple game like solitaire can cost as little as $10/hr. However, developing more advanced games with multiplayer support and 3D graphics will cost over $50/hr or even up to $100/hr.

The cost of developing a mobile game app ranges from $2,000 to $200,000. The final price largely depends on the features and complexity of the game, so it’s important that you plan your budget wisely and discuss all requirements in detail with your developer before you begin development.

Factors to consider before developing mobile games:

It is also important to consider the following factors when choosing mobile game development costs.


Mobile games are available on Android and iOS. So you have to decide which platform will be the best for your mobile gaming app. For example, an adventure game will work well on both platforms, but a car racing game may be more suitable for iOS because it is more advanced than Android.


It is important to know if your game will be compatible on all phones and tablets or not? Your developer can provide you with a list of devices your app will work on. If you want your game to be available for a specific set of devices, plan accordingly.

Number of levels:

A number of game levels play an important role in determining the cost of developing a mobile game application. The higher the number of levels, the longer it will take to build an entire game. its overall cost will therefore be higher. Also does it depend on what type of game you are developing like arcade games, puzzles etc. ? If you want to develop games with fewer levels, there will be no problem, but if you want a lot, it can greatly affect your budget.

Kind of game:

Different types of games have different target audiences and age groups. There are action-adventure and RPG (role-playing games), puzzle and adventure, etc. So, while choosing a genre for your mobile app, keep in mind the target audience and price range of your game.


The graphics and gameplay of a mobile game app directly affects its performance and popularity. But good quality 3D graphics cost more than 2D graphics. It is therefore important to have realistic expectations from your developer regarding the graphics of your mobile application based on which you can plan the development price of it.

Numbers of players:

More players means more requirements in terms of memory space, server usage, etc. to develop an application with multiplayer support, you need to discuss with your developer different aspects related to server hosting, processing power required, etc., depending on the type of game you are planning so that the budget estimate become easier.

Add-ons and additional features:

There are different add-ons and features in a game, such as in-app purchases, in-game currency, social media integration, etc. All of this affects the overall cost of developing your mobile game app. It is therefore important to discuss these options with your developer before finalizing the development schedule.

Support and updates:

Once you’ve developed your mobile gaming app, you’ll need to take care of its updates and troubleshoot any issues after it goes live. Developers can do this work, but companies usually have separate teams that deal with releasing new features and version updates, which means more costs for your company. So decide in advance whether you want free support or not and budget for it accordingly.

These are some of the major factors that should be considered while planning the budget for mobile game development. Once you have a comprehensive understanding of all of this, it becomes easier to estimate the cost of the whole project. But, in any case, if you still have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to discuss it with your developer and get clarification on this matter.

Are there any pre-development costs?

When hiring a mobile app development company, keep in mind that they may charge you for pre-development work. Pre-development is when the company takes some time to investigate and learn about your business and the idea for the mobile app before starting the actual game development.

What about mobile game testing?

Testing is an important phase in the development of a mobile application. You should test your game on different devices and platforms to make sure it works flawlessly before releasing it to the public. This process can be expensive, so be sure to factor in the cost of testing when budgeting for your mobile gaming app.

When budgeting for a mobile gaming app, there are several factors to keep in mind. Development cost can vary greatly depending on the genre of the game, the graphics and animations involved, the number of levels, and whether or not multiplayer support is needed. Additionally, you will need to budget for post-development support and updates and test the game on different devices and platforms. By considering all these factors, you can get a better estimate of your mobile game app development cost.


Developing a mobile game app can be expensive, but it can also be very profitable. By understanding the various factors that affect development costs, you can budget accordingly and ensure your game is developed to the highest standards. Good luck with your next mobile game app!

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