Free fun game app will conjure up digital dogs all over town



SKIPTON-based digital artist and film professional Virpi Kettu of Kettu Studios has created a new kind of Yorkshire Dales story, full of genuine regional folk creatures and cute dancing dog characters inspired by local people. It’s called Dogs’ Dales.

These ingredients were turned into an animated television series and story-related “augmented reality” (AR) educational mobile game apps.

The first Dogs’ Dales AR app location will launch on Saturday May 21 in Skipton where, in the town center, you’ll find Dogs’ Dales AR app assistants around the trail helping you use the game and take fun dancing pictures with the digital dogs. When you complete the course, the game will generate a “treat” to collect from a local store. The app can be downloaded for free from online app stores starting this weekend.

The Game App now only works on location in Skipton or on Dogs’ Dales Postcards.

Virpi said: “The goal of this project is to shine a new and exciting light on our historic home through a fun story based on this reality and local folklore. The hope is that it will entertain locals and visitors, reinvigorate interest in the area and educate people about digital possibilities.

“This AR app is easy to use, fun for all ages, and is meant to be something that families and people of all ages can do together or alone. It will take you on an easily accessible fun trail around town to meet the Dogs’ Dales characters and at the end will give you a treat voucher for a local independent business. A great way to experience the city.”

She added: ‘Personally it has been very inspiring to learn more about Skipton and The Yorkshire Dales; history, legends and amazing personalities. This project is my tribute to the magic of the region and to the great cultural heritage.

“When I came here, it felt like everyone had a dog. It was like the dogs owned the Dales. Hence the name: Dogs’ Dales.

You can find the cards in the Dogs’ Dales online shop or in selected stores in Skipton. It is one of the flagship projects funded by Historic England’s Skipton Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) initiative to revitalize rural town centers and address economic, social and environmental change using the arts, heritage and culture as a catalyst.

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