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The St. Joe’s Club field hockey team knows that good things come to those who wait.

After not playing for a year and a half, the team qualified for the National Field Hockey League (NFHL) Championships in Virginia Beach, Virginia. According to co-captain Rachel Hornig ’23, the wait for a return to national championships began in March 2020.

“It was something I had been looking forward to since we left in the spring of my freshman year,” Hornig said. “As it was our first season back, being able to go all the way to national championships was really exciting for us.”

It wasn’t too difficult to pick up where the team left off. Hornig said the relationships the team built off the field paid off for their results on the field.

“A lot of us got really close over the season,” Hornig said. “Being able to bring those close ties allowed us to work well and communicate well when we were playing.”

According to co-captain Chelsea Covaleskie ’22, communicating well has been important for the team as many players on the team have had cobwebs to shake during the season.

“It has certainly been an adjustment to come back after a whole year off. [with] virtually no practice,” Covaleskie said. “We just readjusted and honestly figured out how to play again.”

Covaleskie said it’s important to make sure the environment at training is fun and light-hearted, given that they don’t have a coach.

“Because we’re a captain-led team, we try to make it a social thing as well as a competitive thing,” Covaleskie said. “I think that contributes to our success.”

According to co-captain Mikayla Carson ’22, this season was the first time for all three captains in a leadership role.

“Rachel, Chelsea and I were all new to this without any previous help,” Carson said. “Chelsea and Rachel are both great and organized and I think we did our best.”

Carson said the team has improved throughout the season, with the results showing in their second game against the University of Pennsylvania.

“We lost 9-0 the first time we played them and then we ended up leveling them in our domestic game against them,” Carson said. “I think we really made a lot of progress and everyone was playing really well at the end of the season.”

According to Covaleskie, St. Joe’s was the smallest school at the NFHL championships, and while they didn’t come home with a win, they had a strong showing at the tournament.

“There were much bigger schools, but we played very well against the competition we played,” Covaleskie said. “It was a hit in my book.”

Hornig said the future is bright for the team due to the large number of freshmen and sophomores that have contributed to the team this season.

“I have really high expectations, especially after the opportunity we have been given for this season,” said Hornig. “I think we’re going to have a good solid team, and we’ll be just as competitive if not more competitive going forward.”

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