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She’s not sure exactly who her first match was against, but Cowra League Tag’s Courtney Booth recalls she was hooked from the start.

Courtney made her Magpies debut in 2012 and will run for her 100and match when the League Tag team meet Bathurst St Pat’s this weekend.

And there is no doubt that this is a match in which she would like to see the Magpies finish on top.

“I’m pretty sure my first game was against Blackheath when they were in our roster, they didn’t stay there long,” Courtney said ahead of this weekend’s St Pat game.

“I scored a few tries and loved it from there.”

She made her debut for the Magpies on the wing before moving to full-back in that first season.

“I would still prefer to play at the back, but I’m not fit enough,” she joked.

Like her teammate Stacey Ashe, who turned 100and game with the Magpies last weekend, Courtney came to League Tag via football.

“I was playing football and just following some of my friends (to the Magpies),” she said.

“I spent quite a few seasons playing League Tag and football, I loved it. At the time, I didn’t take it as seriously as I did in football.”

At the time, she was playing football at Young as well as with the Western NSW Mariners.

“Stacey Ashe,” Courtney was quick to answer when asked who she’s played best with.

Chelsea Apps and Casey Brien also received special mention.

“There have been so many good girls coming and going,” she said.

The Magpies plan to mark 100 years of Courtney Booth and Stacey Asheand matches when the League team is next at Sid Kallas Oval against Orange CYMS on May 28.

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