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As a student, Aleksa Sever released TryAngle: Rush, her first game app available on App Store for iOS users.

Aleksa Sever is a young software developer and aspiring teenage entrepreneur is happy to announce the launch of her 2nd Game App. Aleksa Sever was born on September 29, 2002 in Lucerne, Switzerland, although her parents are Serbian. Therefore, he holds dual Serbian and Swiss nationality.

The Swiss-Serbian has extensive knowledge of the web and software development industry. As a seasoned web/software developer, Aleksa’s versatility is defined by her knowledge of multiple software and website development languages ​​such as C#, C/AL, JavaScript, Swift, PHP, Pawn, HTML and CSS, tools it deploys to create games and websites for its target audience.

In addition to her mastery of these languages, Aleksa is also a graphic designer and expert user of Adobe Photoshop CC. Therefore, the highly talented teenager is not only good at software and website development, his knowledge of graphic design is legendary. It harnesses this skill to create amazing game apps for game lovers.

Git and GitHub

Aleksa knows how to use several tools to get the job done. He is fully proficient in Git & GitHub to showcase his skills, Visual Studio and Xcode for coding, SSMS and Unity for other tasks as needed.

Game released on App Store for iOS users

The self-taught web and software developer has released some of his apps on the App Store for avid gamers. As a student, he released TryAngle: Rush, his first game app available on the App Store for iOS users.

He recently released his second game: quTrivia which is available for free download on the App Store. The application is designed for all classes and all ages of users. The questions are drawn from a wide range of topics such as politics, geography, sports, general knowledge, etc.

He designed the priceless game to help users improve their fluency in these and other topics, knowledge that can be useful at work and in their daily activities with colleagues, neighbors and elsewhere.

According to the budding entrepreneur, he is honing his design skills through game design to lay the groundwork for the future when he will devote himself entirely to creating applications for businesses and game enthusiasts once his completed studies.

Aleksa fell in love with technology at an early age, thanks to video games. Fueled by his passion for technology and software design, his self taught web development skills such as HTML, CSS and PHP. He then learned C# and Swift, programming languages ​​he used to code his game.

To pursue his love for software development, he completed an apprenticeship in Lucerne, where he is currently studying software development.

The veteran game developer is currently focused on completing his schoolwork before fully devoting his time to developing games, websites and software.

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