Green loan not currently available in Dendermonde

The green loan is currently not available to residents of Dendermonde and it seems that it will take a while before this will be the case again. Residents are currently unable to apply for the energy loan, which means they do not have the opportunity to work economically on the energy efficiency of their home. Intercommunal DDS decided that the loan system costs too much money, so that the money tap is turned off.

The green loan is intended for anyone who does not have the resources to invest in energy-saving measures. In Dendermonde, the financially weak now no longer have access to this tool, which means they can do little about their high energy costs.

Help for those who can’t

money loan

According to city councilor Steff Van Gutten, it is of great importance that anyone who does not have the opportunity to make the house more energy efficient receives help for it. According to him, it does not cost the city a single euro, while on the other hand it is very effective. According to him, it is therefore important to start offering the loans again by looking for a suitable solution as quickly as possible.

New entity for green loan desired

green loan desired

The N-VA also regrets that the green loan in Dendermonde is currently unavailable. They propose to set up a new entity that can grant and handle the energy loan. In other cities and municipalities it is still possible to apply for a green loan, which means that it must also be available in Dendermonde. If it turns out, for example, that work has not been done efficiently, this should change, as an alternative residents can try to apply for a green loan elsewhere, such as in a city like Aalst.

In conversation with possible partners

In conversation with possible partners

The competent ships of Wonen indicates that the board of the intermunicipal company decided to no longer offer the green loan, but that they are indeed looking at other options. The board intends to restart the green, by talking to potential partners who could play a role in this. In that respect it seems that there is still hope for the inhabitants who would like to make use of this, although unfortunately they cannot currently afford to borrow money for energy-saving measures at the moment.